About Us

LogoVenue is the destination for most of the branding needs, as the name suggests we work on the logos specifically. But we go flexible for other designing needs to fulfil the purpose of branding;within your budget and quality assurance.

What is LogoVenue?

The logo is an essential part of one’s commercial identity in the global market. And we understand the particular needs and requirements for so; And moved our focus to design logos for related services. We have established a team of expert designers with years of experience in graphic design industry globally and has strong technical and creative skills to serve the purpose.

LogoVenue works in two ways;The first option is to choose the logo from our stock according to the nature of your business. We have an extensive range of readymade creative logo templates designed for various fields; which comes with exclusive and non-exclusive license option.Secondly, our in-house services for custom logo, stationery and identity design.

Everything you get here on LogoVenue provided to you with an uncompromising emphasis on innovation and creativity. So, try our products or services today and experience the difference first hand!

LogoVenue is a website (Brand) owned and maintained by VecRas Creations Pvt. Ltd. All orders received here processed by the team of VecRas.

VecRas Creations Private Limited

The word VecRas comes alive with the conjunction of 2 words “Vector” + “Raster”. Everything we create in computer graphics its either vector, raster or both, we did create the same and named our company VecRas Creations.

We are a bunch of creative souls, remarking their presence around the globe in the graphic design industry since June 2007. At VecRas, we provide you the creative, adaptable & economical art pieces for your visual communication needs. By following the latest trend in design and technology world, we create engaging designs which are intended to fit into any workflow.

We served hundreds of clients globally; Additionally, we sell our digital products and services at other top marketplaces like Creative Market, Graphic River, Stock Logos, Upwork, Logo Ground, Fotolia, etc. and our site smartpsds.com